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TruNorth Research is one of the Country's largest providers of educational research and assessment related services. We offer a research based early warning dropout prevention system which makes use of a school district’s own historical data to identify High school students at risk of failing to graduate.  These are customized studies which accurately assess the risk levels for each enrolled student beginning in grades 8 & 9.  This allows sufficient time for districts and/or states to intervene and change the academic trajectory for these students. 

Almost one in four students who enter American schools as a 9th grader subsequently fails to graduate on time with their grade level classmates.  More than 75% of these delayed students ultimately fail to graduate at all.  This is an alarming waste of human potential and represents a real tragedy for students and schools alike.


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Our Team
Robert Rayborn, Founder & CEO | Phone: 925-787-8267

Since 1987 Dr. Rayborn has served as founder and chief executive officer of TruNorth Research, formerly Delphi Research Group (DRG). During this time, TruNorth has conducted over 20 management, evaluation or demographic studies. TruNorth has served dozens of clients over the years, and has never missed a project timeline. Customer satisfaction has been uniformly high.

Bob Rayborn brings more than twenty years of experience as the Director of Research for school districts in both Washington and California. He has also served as president of the Washington Educational Research Association, delivered numerous presentations to professional groups including a session of the American Educational Research Association, and authored professional articles; many of these have been invited submittals or published in juried publications.

Several additional key highlights in his career include an appointment by the measurement division of Harcourt Publishing as the senior director of it’s STAR testing operation in California. With over 4 million students tested, STAR was the largest testing program in history. As chief operations officer he was charged with correcting scoring mistakes that had resulted in over one million dollars in fines for the company.  Dr. Rayborn served as technical measurement advisor to the California State Board of Education.

Dr. Rayborn served as the Director for the Center of Research, Evaluation and Assessment for Education Northwest, the federally funded Research Laboratory in the Pacific Northwest.   During that time the center conducted over 20 million dollar’s worth of federally and locally funded educational research projects.

Jenny joined the TruNorth Research team in 2007.

Jenny Mark, Chief Operating Officer | Phone: 208-965-3184

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